Wondering what the difference between Cloud CRM and On Premise CRM is?  Or what is best for your business?

Read on for a simple explanation…let’s start with:

Cloud CRM

Also known as a hosted or on-demand CRM, the cloud platform is a customer management solution that allows for increased versatility by hosting data at a remote location.

You are essentially ‘renting’ the product and paying as you go and is also referred to as SaaS which stands for Software as a Service.  Great plus is because your data is stored in the cloud it eliminates the need for traditional back-up, the process is automated and occurs at least daily.

Cloud CRM systems are more readily accessible than their on-location counterparts, requiring only a web browser, but still offer a full range of functions.  They integrate with various other cloud hosted business systems like accounting, project management and email marketing software.

Who Should Use It?

 Businesses seeking a versatile and more cost-efficient platform that won’t require an IT staff, additional hardware or regular maintenance.

 Mobile CRM

A mobile CRM platform allows employees in the field and on the move to easily access the customer management system. Through a mobile phone or tablet, an employee can review customer data and update or process orders, as well as any other functions they would typically do in the office.

Many cloud CRM systems offer a free mobile app with their software.  These are downloadable for Android and iPhone – they won’t always have full functionality but allow access to most of the data a sales person needs on the go.

Why Do You Want This?

Enables flexibility of where employees work from – effectively giving them a mobile office.  Increases productivity and strengthens customer relationships.

On-premise CRM

On-premise CRM is hosted on-site on the company’s server and managed by its own IT employees.  An in-house CRM solution can be a good option when a company requires a platform with in-depth and complex operation capabilities, which tend to perform better on-location as compared to a hosted system.

Many of these systems can be highly customised to your company’s exact needs and have the capacity to integrate with other telecommunication and external provider’s systems.

Who Should Use It?

Larger companies looking for a high-security CRM solution that performs complicated tasks and allows them to maintain complete control over client data.

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