Zoho CRM2Go is an entry-level CRM system that comes ready-fitted with all the features a business needs, easily tailored to your requirements, as well as a range of optional add-ons. Created by Squirrel as a quick-and-easy solution for businesses with standard requirements, Zoho CRM2Go is the perfect starting point if you’re new to CRM and looking for a system that can grow with your business.

In brief, Zoho CRM2Go provides:

  • Foundation CRM modules with fields that can be customised to your process.
  • Our best-practice suggestions for the data-capture fields that most businesses need in order to know their customers and create segments for marketing and reporting.
  • Quote and Invoice templates customised with your logo.
  • Simple workflow automation for leads and sales opportunity follow-up tasks and notifications.
  • Leads and Opportunities analytics dashboards tailored to your business.
  • Smart custom functions and workflow automation developed by Squirrel to assist users with data administration in CRM.
  • Email and calendar integration with the platform you use to easily track all interactions between your users and your clients.
  • Company-branded email templates for sending updates and other notifications to clients from within the CRM.
  • Your choice of ‘connectors’ or add-ons to Xero to integrate your business systems and ensure you only enter data once and eliminate errors.
  • Optional website integration so you never miss an enquiry and can begin the nurture process immediately.
  • Onsite training and online Q&A.

Want to know more?

Take our video tour of Zoho CRM2Go or get in touch to discuss your requirements.