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Automate the creation of a Project in Zoho Projects using your standard templates. Budgeted hours and values from your Opportunity record are pushed to the new Project ensuring all the details are up to date and available from project commencement without re-keying data.

If your Project spans more than one Opportunity or has variations associated with it, you can link them via the Project URL and push new values through to update the hours and values, giving you and your team the most current information and ensuring you stay on track.


When your Opportunity is ‘Closed Won’, or your defined trigger is activated, a Project will be created using one of your existing templates. The URL of the Project will then be added to the CRM record and a task to the Project Manager will be raised. Once you’ve checked or allocated the available hours to your departments or teams you can push the hours breakdown, total hours and total budget through to the project dashboard.

Any Opportunity can be linked to an existing Project and the hours and budget summed together. By simply adding the same Project URL to an Opportunity and ticking a box, the automation runs and updates the existing Project with new values.

URL to an Opportunity and ticking a box, the automation runs and updates the existing Project with new values.

Key Features

Automated creation

Automate the creation of a Project without leaving CRM

Push key data

Define teams or departments and push hours and $ values to Projects

Add variations

Sum budgeted hours & values for multiple Opportunities to one Project

Template rules

Choose which Project template will be used to create your project

Push key dates

Push key dates from CRM to Projects and allocate to a Project group

Customised templates

Include milestones and key tasks in your Project templates


“Our work was becoming really complicated moving back and forward between different applications that couldn’t speak to each other. Our process before Zoho was really disconnected. Finally having a way to consolidate everything and have transparency in the business is a huge weight off our shoulders.”

Adrian Fleming, printiq

Global Director of Sales

Frequently asked questions

Zoho CRM Professional or above and Zoho Projects Premium or above

A matter of seconds after your chosen trigger is activated. You will need to refresh your browser window to see changes.

Yes there is an annual fee for hosting of your automation script. This can be a waived if you have your own stable environment we can connect to.

It will take 2-3 weeks upon approval of scope and payment of deposit invoice.

Yes, this can be setup in Zoho Analytics by syncing Zoho Projects data and creating a report and dashboard to tally and display budget and hours burn down. This can be emailed on a periodic basis to users and project managers.

We can add an automation to allow you to create task entries in your team’s calendars with links to Project task.

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