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While each of Squirrel’s NDIS clients provide different services to their customers, their underlying requirements for managing information related to their Participants NDIS plans were very similar.

This case study looks at how implementing Zoho One has reduced time spent on repetitive activities through streamlined data capture processes and the automation of the generation of Service Agreements.

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The brief

  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Handling for multiple contacts associated to the Participant
  • Accuracy and compliance for Service Agreements
  • Automation of SA or Plan renewal reminders

The solution

  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Flow
  • Zoho Sign
  • Zoho WorkDrive
  • Zoho Writer

Onboarding a new participant requires the collection of a lot of detailed information relating to their medical and psychological status to ensure the treatment plan delivered meets not only the needs of the participant but the requirements of the NDIS Plan.

Utilising Zoho Forms, Squirrel designed an onboarding form that steps the user through the process, ensuring the information collected is detailed and accurate and on submission is automatically added to Zoho CRM, removing the need for any manual data entry.

Custom Lead conversion at the click of a button to automatically generate multiple Contact records associated with the Participant and create a Plan record (Opportunity module). In addition, the custom function checks for the existence of nominated Plan Managers and Coordinators in the system and creates and associates records as required.

Without this time saving automation the user would be manually creating up to three additional Contact records, two Company records and associating them to the Participant and Plan.

One of the most time consuming and fiddly activities carried out by these Clients is the creation of an NDIS compliant Service Agreement. Not only does it require 100% accuracy in the naming of services and their associated competencies, the number of activities such as visits or sessions must be clearly documented, alongside the detailed terms and conditions that vary depending on your Plan management type.

The services required for a specific Program are nearly always the same, so it made sense to automate the compiling of this information. Using a keyword look up in the subject of the Opportunity Squirrel was able to generate rows in the subform (table) of the required services, including the standard number of visits and sessions and corresponding capacity code.

Zoho Writer provides the perfect platform to design Service Agreements with conditional layout rules for the body text and tables allowing content to be displayed based on specific field values from the CRM. Squirrel created master templates for each type of agreement with conditional logic thus reducing the requirement for separate agreements for each variation.

Further automation of the signing process through Zoho Sign ensured that on the completion of the document notifications and PDF attachments were sent to the Plan Manager to assist with speedy processing.

To ensure the renewal of the Service Agreement or NDIS plan goes as smoothly as possible a number of workflows were set up to trigger notifications to the primary contact at specified time intervals with links to Report requests, and reminders to renew agreements.

To remain compliant with management of Participant data it was vital that approval was received before contact details could be shared with other allied health parties. This was achieved through an automated email that merged the requester information from a CRM table and a confirmation button that date stamped the records in the CRM as being authorised.

The benefits

  • Reduced manual data entry and improved accuracy of data
  • Capacity to generate multiple compliant Service Agreements quickly
  • Automated customer communication to improve customer experience and reduce manual actions
  • Quickly see status and actions for each participant

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By | Posted on 24 November 2022 | Health & Medical Research

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By | Posted on 24 November 2022 | Health & Medical Research