Are You Ready To Close More Deals?

If you want a high performing sales team that closes more deals, you need a sales performance dashboard.​

When you talk to you your customers you close more deals. Sales performance metrics show that regular and consistent communication with your customers result in more opportunities being discovered and won. With a set structure to follow-up new leads you can close more deals and build your sales pipeline.

By creating widgets on your sales dashboard of KPIs by person, team or region you will be able to see a snapshot of activity. With each call, meeting or tracked activity recorded in your CRM. As dashboard results are shown in real time, you will be able to compare progress of how deals are being closed across date ranges or periods.

Using Zoho CRM or Zoho Analytics makes it super easy… by syncing your calendars they will auto create meeting records. And calls made through the phone app will log against the Lead or Contact record. You can even scheduled and track tasks. 

So there’s no excuse for not following up.

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