Creditsafe Extension for Zoho CRM

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Connect your creditsafe account with Zoho CRM for fast credit ratings


The Creditsafe extension for Zoho CRM allows you to run credit ratings for your Leads and Accounts without leaving your CRM. Transfer company details and credit rating information and get an optional credit report PDF for the associated record. You will need the creditafe Connect API set up to use this extension – contact your creditsafe Account Manager to arrange a free trial before installing this extension.

Key Features:

  • Easily  connect your Creditsafe and Zoho CRM accounts to transfer credit information between them.
  • Choose the creditsafe regions you wish to access via the extension.
  • Search for and select a Company and perform a credit rating via a widget in Zoho CRM Leads and Accounts modules.
  • Transfer credit ratings and other key Company details from Creditsafe to Zoho CRM.
  • Download a complete Creditsafe PDF report which is attached to a Lead or Account record in Zoho CRM.
  • Automated workflow runs a monthly credit check for most recent Creditsafe data for the Account record in Zoho CRM. 

install extension

  1. Install the extension from the marketplace
  2. Agree to the Terms of Service and authorise the installation
  1. Choose which users will have access to use the extension
  2. In the Extension Settings – enter your creditsafe username and password and choose the regions you wish to access. Then click Save.

Admin set up:

  1. Create a section in Leads and Accounts modules for your Creditsafe fields and arrange them in there
  1. Check your Lead conversion mapping
  1. Review monthly workflow to refresh the Account credit check – toggle off if you don’t want this to run
  1. Start using your creditsafe extension in your Leads and Accounts

No Permissions Error

If you are receiving ‘No Permission’ error when attempting to access the Creditsafe application ask your admin user to enable permission on your account.

To do this they will need to:

  1. Navigate to the Creditsafe plugin settings in the Marketplace installed extensions and select ‘Configure’
  2. Select ‘Change Permission’ and ‘Manage Profile’
  1. Ensure that all required profiles are selected

uninstall extension

  1. Uninstalling the extension will also remove all the data associated with it
  2. The custom fields will be removed completely
  3. The only fields which will remain are any of the standard Zoho fields i.e. Company / Account Name
  4. If you want to retain any of the data, we recommend you create a report and export the data

Frequently asked questions

You will need an active Creditsafe account with the Connect API set up and appropriate credentials to connect your CRM with this extension.  Note that the Connect API has different logins to your usual Creditsafe account. Contact your Account Manager for assistance with this. 

It should take you no longer than 5 mins to install the add-on and then a further 5-10 mins to update your Leads and Accounts layout and Lead Conversion mapping. 

You can start with a 10 day free trial and then subscribe to the paid plan. AU$21.15 per month or AU$253.80 per year.