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Trigger the creation of invoices in Xero from your Zoho CRM at the right stage of your sales and delivery processes. Stop wasting time copying and pasting customer data between systems, provide your Sales and Account Managers invoice payment status information without the need for manually created reports or access to your finance system. 


You can choose from two options to integrate Xero accounting software with Zoho CRM:

Option 1 is an out-of-the-box solution which connects your Account, Contact, Invoice and Product CRM modules with your Contacts, Invoices and Items in Xero. This will work best for B2B sales and relies on your Account in CRM having a primary billing Contact associated with it.

If you use CRM to raise Quotes and then convert them to Invoices, with a simple status update you’ll be able to seamlessly push these across to Xero for payment and reconciliation. Payment advice will be sent back to CRM Invoices providing a real time snapshot of debtors. Your Products will be in sync and changes you make to a limited set of Contact details, such as phone and address, will be updated in the other system. This solution isn’t ideal if you primarily focus on B2C transactions in your business.

Option 2 is a more customisable solution that allows users to trigger the creation of Invoices from the Deals or Invoices module. You can create deposit and progress payment invoices in Xero based on multiple triggers or stages in your CRM sales process. Payment advice is sent back to CRM either to an Invoice record or to a subform or custom fields in the Deals module. 

You can choose additional data to sync across to Xero such as ABN, credit terms and have secondary Contacts pushed through from CRM to the same Xero Contact. Invoices can be associated with Account, Contact and Deal modules in the CRM. This solution is ideal if you want the flexibility to tailor your Xero integration to your sales and service delivery process.

Key Features

2-way data sync

Two-way Account and Contact data sync for
accurate record keeping based on rules you choose

Automatic alerts

Create draft invoices with alert for
approva l to your finance team

Real time data

Push partial or full invoice payment
amounts back to CRM from Xero

Data integrity

Maintain a primary billing Contact in Xero
with accurate contact information

Initial contact sync

Set up includes an initial sync of
Contacts and Invoice history

Accurate reporting

Utilise up to date invoice data for
accurate sales reporting


“Thanks Kylie! Paid my first round of invoices through Xero today – this is great. It is brilliant and going to save me a tonne of time.”

Luke course

Director, Gawk!

Frequently asked questions

You need Zoho Professional plan or above to have access to the inventory modules.

If you choose the out-of-the-box connector the integration can be setup in minutes. If you choose the more customised solution, you’ll need to allow 2 -3 weeks for scope approval and testing.

For the out-of-the-box connector there is no set up fee. For the customised solution there is a one time implementation fee which will vary based on your requirements. 

There is an ongoing annual fee for the out of the box connector. For the customised solution there is an annual managed integration hosting fee. The integration is deployed and maintained on our secure platform hosted within the Amazon Sydney data centre.

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