Streamline your processes

Even a well-organised business can find that, over time, the processes they use can become outdated, bloated, and redundant. At Squirrel, we specialise in analysing and streamlining business processes to help you stop wasting your precious time. We can help your staff avoid performing mundane, repetitive tasks, such as copy-and-pasting, and re-entering data into multiple systems. We can use off-the-shelf products or customised solutions to automate the transfer of data, and allocate and alert the right team member at the right time. We can help you to standardise processes to bring consistency to your service delivery and efficiency to your operations, and empower your team to make informed decisions by allowing them to use the right tools. We make sure that these tools are intuitive, making them accessible to the widest range of staff. Our customers are excited to use the tools we offer because it allows them to do their job better, faster.

Below, you will find case studies that show what streamlining processes looks like in practice. You can also see some of the tools that we use to achieve these outcomes.

Case Studies

We create unique, custom-built tools to give you the edge

It’s part of any sound decision making process to seek out and learn from the experience of others. Just like you, these businesses came to Squirrel seeking solutions for problems they had and couldn’t solve on their own. The best thing about hearing someone else’s story is you can extract the elements you need to move you a step closer to where you want to be.

Squirrel Business Solutions developed and implemented an inbuilt drawing tool, displayed within a widget for SteelChief to create schematic drawings whilst remaining in the CRM. Drawings are used to produce quotations and manufacturing specification documents. Read more

Global CCS Institute is an international non-profit think tank tackling climate change through the promotion of carbon capture and storage (CCS). Their project management program at the time was not being utilised efficiently and not achieving the possible advantages system integration can bring. Read more

S2K Identity Systems wished to improve the efficiency and integration of their sales process, from quoting to invoicing. They wanted to move away from the outdated CRM they were using, which was resulting in order mistakes and a misspending of time and resources. Squirrel established a single CRM incorporating a user-friendly, bespoke quoting tool which utilised automation in order to reduce manual errors and ensure accuracy and ease throughout the entire sales process. Read more

Agero needed to implement a CRM which would enable them to manage their sales process and streamline project pipelines easily. They also desired an effortless process for forecasting and tracking incoming payments, both for individual projects and across the entire business. We implemented a CRM for the management of specific projects, and designed a Payment Forecast widget which incorporated automation to easily calculate and monitor payments.

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Squirrel Toolkit

Below you will find some of the tools we use, and can customise, to help you integrate your systems. Click any of them to find out more.


Your Systems

Imagine entering data once and knowing it will effortlessly flow through to the people who need it. Connect your team, decision makers and customers seamlessly.

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Your Processes

Liberate the performance of your people and bring ease to your organisation’s daily operations. With the right systems, people and automation, magic happens.


Customer Experience

Fostering a deep and trusting partnership takes time. Use systems to design experiences that support and sustain your relationships throughout their lifecycle.

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Your Data’s Value

Confidence in the data you use to make decisions guarantees better outcomes. Clarity of key metrics will drive the profitability and sustainabilit of your organisation.

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About Squirrel

Our consultants and developers have the experience, insight and deep product knowledge that comes from years of implementing and integrating CRM and other business systems for companies large and small.

Our team works collaboratively with you to find and implement the best possible solution for your business – whether that be a simple off-the-shelf system or a complex, tailored solution – and provides quality training and ongoing support.

Our expertise goes beyond products. Within our team you’ll find experts in business procedures, data analysis, custom software development, sales and marketing, and more.

What Our Clients Say

Drawing Tool is working perfectly! It’s standardised our process, the factory is consistently manufacturing to specifications and the speed and ease of updating a drawing Auswide is awesome – what was up to 20mins is now 2-3mins.

Charlie Speer, Steelchief

Managing Director

We were thrilled with the results! We do all our quoting and all our invoicing – everything – out of this one program Squirrel implemented. The specially designed Quoting Tool is above and beyond what we expected.

Kathryn Parkins, S2K Identity Systems