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At Squirrel, we understand that integrating systems is all about maximising efficiency and increasing accuracy. We help businesses to avoid unnecessary repetition by eliminating re-keying of data and logging into multiple systems when just one system will do. We ensure that data transfer between systems is accurate, that data can be shared, easily, accurately and in the format required, between departments and with external stakeholders, contractors and customers. Finally, we can increase efficiency by helping businesses to automate communication through other platforms, including online chat, messaging apps, SMS and email.

Below, you will find case studies that demonstrate how we have integrated systems in businesses of varying sizes, as well as some of the tools that we would recommend to those who want to better integrate their systems.

Case Studies

We create unique, custom-built tools to give you the edge

It’s part of any sound decision making process to seek out and learn from the experience of others. Just like you, these businesses came to Squirrel seeking solutions for problems they had and couldn’t solve on their own. The best thing about hearing someone else’s story is you can extract the elements you need to move you a step closer to where you want to be.

Squirrel Business Solutions had set up Zoho CRM for Buyers Home Base a few years previously. Since then, the business had grown considerably. To enhance their efficiency and save time, Buyers Home Base decided to automate the process of pushing invoicing information from their CRM into Xero, their accounting system. Read more

Data Image wished to establish a streamlined and automated software system encompassing lead, quote and invoice management. The team, who had just started with Zoho One and were implementing Zoho CRM, wanted to maximise process efficiency and accuracy of data transfer amongst a variety of software programmes including Xero, Creditsafe and printIQ Read more

The brief was to centralise multiple databases, integrate with their ERP system and deliver a mobile CRM with intuitive reporting. Embleton lacked an automated tracking system to see what their sales team were achieving across the country and had a complex, multi-system for tracking their warranty process.  The sales team needed a system that would give them access to stock levels and pricing across multiple warehouses at any given time or place. Read more

Squirrel integrated CRM with MailChimp, allowing data to be synced between the two systems. When a new contact record is created in the CRM, an existence check is performed on the email address in MailChimp. If the address does not exist in MailChimp, a new subscriber is automatically created in that system. Conversely, if a new subscriber is added to MailChimp, an existence check is carried out in Zoho CRM and a new contact record is automatically created in the CRM if the email address is not found. . Read more


Your Systems

Imagine entering data once and knowing it will effortlessly flow through to the people who need it. Connect your team, decision makers and customers seamlessly.


Your Processes

Liberate the performance of your people and bring ease to your organisation’s daily operations. With the right systems, people and automation, magic happens.

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Customer Experience

Fostering a deep and trusting partnership takes time. Use systems to design experiences that support and sustain your relationships throughout their lifecycle.

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Your Data’s Value

Confidence in the data you use to make decisions guarantees better outcomes. Clarity of key metrics will drive the profitability and sustainability of your organisation.

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About Squirrel

Our consultants and developers have the experience, insight and deep product knowledge that comes from years of implementing and integrating CRM and other business systems for companies large and small.

Our team works collaboratively with you to find and implement the best possible solution for your business – whether that be a simple off-the-shelf system or a complex, tailored solution – and provides quality training and ongoing support.

Our expertise goes beyond products. Within our team you’ll find experts in business procedures, data analysis, custom software development, sales and marketing, and more.

What Our Clients Say

Mark our warranty manager is essentially saving 25-30% of his time using the warranty form custom built, with the head of operations easily able to login and see the open and closed warranty cases.

Chris Cataldo, Embelton


Just a note to say the integration between printIQ and Zoho CRM is in and working well so far. Thanks to your team for their support during this process. We have found all of your team an absolute pleasure to work with.

Jonathan O’Grady, Excel Digital