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create schematic drawings in zoho crm with ease


Quickly and consistently create simple schematic drawings and diagrams within Zoho CRM and use them in your customer quotations or other internal specification documents. 

Improve efficiency and ease for your team and deliver high quality documentation for your customers.


The drawing tool is available via a pop-up window from any module in your CRM. You can upload your own background templates for users to choose from along with images and content to build out your diagram. Simple to use, drag and drop interface. Your drawing is linked to a job and can be accessed and edited by other team members easily.

The images can be inserted into other templates you create in CRM and send to customers. There is a version history including who edited last and when. If you have custom images, content or icons you want to use, we can combine them with your drawing tool. 

Key Features

Access & create in Zoho CRM

Access the Drawing Tool from within Zoho CRM at the click of a button, create, save and download the image to your computer as a PNG file.

Click to edit drawing

Click a button in the record to view or edit your drawing quickly and easily.

Create background templates

Start your drawing with a reference background image to build upon.

Template libraries

Customise your template libraries with commonly used shapes. Add additional images to the drawing by uploading the file from your PC.

Insert into CRM documents

Your drawings are stored safely in a database and can be inserted into CRM documents.

Version history

Track changes to your drawing over time.


“Drawing Tool is working perfectly! It’s standardised our process, the factory is consistently manufacturing to specifications and the speed and ease of updating a drawing Auswide is awesome – what was up to 20mins is now 2-3mins.”

Charlie Speer

Charlie Speer

Frequently asked questions

You will need Zoho CRM Enterprise or Ultimate plan to install this solution.

Typically 4-5 weeks allowing time for you to generate content. If content is ready to go then 2-3 weeks including testing. 

It will take 2-3 weeks upon approval of scope and payment of deposit invoice.

Yes there is an annual fee for for document storage and hosting of your automation script. This can be a waived if you have your own stable environment we can connect to. 

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