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Most people carry their phones with them day in, day out so it’s a very effective and direct method of communication. The majority of customers are receptive to communicating via SMS so along with being simple, personal and highly targeted, it outperforms most other mediums with a 98% open rate.

There are many applications, including appointment reminders, renewal alerts, delivery advice, feedback surveys and many types of mass SMS marketing. The benefits of having SMS integrated with Zoho CRM include single view of communication to & from your customers, automated messaging and optimised marketing campaigns.


We use and recommend Burst SMS integrated with Zoho CRM. You can send and receive messages from the Leads, Contacts and Deals modules or custom modules upon request. There are a variety of use cases, message templates or free text options, merge fields for personalised content, automated scheduled sending or manual send.

If properly integrated into your CRM, it will allow you to measure real-time performance of your text messaging campaigns — even mass texting can be tracked with proficiency. SMS marketing boasts greater immediacy and attention than other digital marketing methods: from open rates to delivery, SMS topples email, Facebook, and push notifications. When compared to other advertising categories, according to Mobile Marketer, SMS marketing can lead to higher engagement rates and enviable ROI.

While SMS outperforms other channels by leaps and bounds, it’s even more effective when used in conjunction with voice, email, push notification, and other channels, as an integrated part of your digital and mobile marketing strategy.

Let us work with you to integrate SMS with your CRM and plan how it will improve your customer communication strategy.

Key Features

1 or 2-way messaging

1 way or 2 way SMS messaging from your Zoho CRM records including URL link shortening

Multiple modules

Send and receive from Leads, Contacts or Deals
modules, custom modules available by request

SMS automation

Schedule and send SMS messages as
part of your workflow sequences

Templates or free text

Send SMS using template messages or
customised / free text including merge fields

Never miss a reply

Receive SMS responses via email and also view
against the record in CRM or in a custom view

Bulk SMS send

Optimise your marketing communication
withautomated bulk SMS messaging


“The systems Squirrel has implemented have already simplified our processes and made us more

efficient…ultimately it has improved customer experience.”

Robert farfort

CEO, Data Image UK

Frequently asked questions

Zoho Enterprise or Ultimate plan is required for our SMS integration. You will also need a Burst SMS account which we can set up for you.

It’s pretty quick once we have your CRM system logins and Burst SMS account set up. Allow approximately 1 week

There will be a monthly fee for a dedicated number if you want 2-way messaging and costs per message will vary based on volume.

In addition there is an annual fee of $350+gst for managed integration hosting paid to Squirrel. Many of our clients already pay for this service so if you are an existing client ask your consultant.

Yes, you can use a provider other than Burst SMS. We have integrations with Clickatell and SMS Global. If you use another provider let us know and we’ll more than likely be able to assist.

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