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Businesses with a customer centric strategy understand the importance of creating the best possible customer experience. They do this by placing the customer at the forefront of their operations and processes, investing in getting to know the various needs they have, and the time at which they want them met.

It is a more economical use of resources to cultivate an existing client database than to attract new leads and, over time, build trust and convert them to loyal customers.

If you struggle to retain customers, have a low to average percentage of repeat business, or simply want to improve the experience you are delivering to your customers, then this is the place to begin.

Our expert knowledge of Zoho CRM workflow & Campaigns automation ensures we can deliver a streamlined system so you never miss an opportunity to do business. 


Squirrel will help you design a winning strategy, which will include both automated touchpoints and reminders to deliver that personal touch. Our steps to a streamlined customer engagement journey include:  

  • Consultation: we look at your current customer journey, discuss segments, pain points and company goals.
  • Design: a process to support an effective, customer centric communication strategy.
  • Implement: workflow which nurtures your customers according to their interests, sector, products or services purchased.
  • Automate: touchpoints to communicate. effectively, using relevant content at the right time.
  • Ensure: that every customer is delighted, feels important and their voices are heard through the use of reminders, emails, feedback forms, birthday messages, surveys and regular check-ins, whilst being mindful of reducing manual labour to free up resources. 
  • Deliver: process maps that detail all steps in your process, complete with links to email templates and workflow automations for easy access to update. 
  • Monitor: your Customer Journey desired outcomes via reports & dashboards for continuous improvement.

Key Features

Discovery workshop

Discovery session to learn about your business and customers

Customer journey maps

Develop process maps to define your customer journeys

Your brand & styling

Professional on brand email templates using your logo & style guidelines

Workflow automation

Six emails and workflows setup per engagement journey

User training

Training so you can make changes and edits to your automation

Track & measure

Dashboard so you can measure repeat business based on marketing efforts


“The entire franchisee recruitment process is incorporated in the CRM and is revving the team up…it’s tremendous learning how much CRM can do, particularly with automation and workflow reminders!”

Wayne abbott

National Franchise Manager

Frequently asked questions

Systems we use to implement Lead management automation include Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Forms, Zoho Sales IQ, Zoho Marketing Hub. All available on the Zoho One suite of applications.

Typically 4-5 weeks allowing time for you to generate content. If content is ready to go then 2-3 weeks including testing. 

Yes, we provide user training to empower you to create and edit your templates and workflow triggers. You’ll also receive how to videos of your system.

If you have SMS setup as part of your sequences there will be fees for a dedicated number and per message.

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