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eCommerce-CRM integration: Clearer insights, targeted marketing and automation


eCommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services online. An eCommerce platform is a software application that enables online businesses to manage these processes. eCommerce platforms commonly in use by small businesses include Woocommerce and Neto.

While many small businesses use a standalone eCommerce platform, integrating the platform with a system such as Zoho CRM will greatly enhance its effectiveness. After all, managing customer information and providing a good customer experience are essential to running a successful eCommerce business and a CRM system helps you to do both of these, as well as automate your processes, more efficiently.


Integrating an eCommerce platform with a CRM system has benefits in the following key areas:

Data management

  • Store and access all customer information in one central, reliable database
  • Avoid data duplication and/or manual data entry — allowing you to keep multiple systems in sync while ensuring you have a single version of truth

Sales, marketing and customer service

  • Analyse and understand customer needs, and therefore deliver the services and products they require
  • Track where the customer is in the buying cycle and assign, qualify and convert leads into sales
  • Push information about contacts and their purchasing behaviour from the eCommerce platform into the CRM, providing a useful overview of their activity from within the CRM. Based on this information, customers can be segmented and more targeted marketing campaigns can be delivered to them directly from the CRM
  • View information like customer order history, payment history and product inventory in one place and make more informed sales decisions; for example, you can use your customers’ order history or browsing history to cross-sell or up-sell products

Workflow automation

  • Automate routine processes such as entering client data directly from online purchases, saving time and reducing manual entry and errors
  • Automatically segment customers in the CRM, enabling you to then deliver targeted, personalised marketing campaigns
  • Manage invoicing, billing and payment failures, and even integrate your CRM with a dedicated payment gateway 

Reporting and forecasting

  • Track payment trends, analyse your best revenue sources and highest value customers and customise your services accordingly
  • Forecast demand for your products and manage your inventory (sales, sourcing, manufacturing, etc.) better

eCommerce platform-CRM integration and your business

Many eCommerce businesses strive to monitor and measure their customers’ every activity, across channels, in an attempt to close more sales. This, together with the increasing expectations customers have for a consistent and personalized experience across channels, makes it essential for such businesses to maintain a centralised data base of customer information.

Although systems like eCommerce platforms and CRM systems usually work together very well, getting them to do exactly what your business needs them to do sometimes involves a little customisation. Squirrel and its team of developers can do this for you.

Squirrel can also help you decide if integration would benefit your business and carry out the integration for you.

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