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Identifying and monitoring the key drivers of your business is essential for generating profits and keeping your business sustainable. That’s why it’s critical to discover what they are, if they’re measurable and if they can be acted upon.

A key business driver is something that has a major impact on the performance of your specific business.

A whole range of internal and external factors affect the performance of every business. The secret is to focus on a handful of key drivers that:

  • reflect the performance and progress of your business
  • are measurable
  • can be compared to a standard, such as a budget or last year’s figures, or an industry average
  • can be acted upon


Zoho Analytics is a powerful business insights and data analytics software that lets you analyse data from multiple sources and create charts and reports of the key inputs and activities that drive operational and financial results.

The range of business drivers varies enormously from business to business. Broadly, they can be categorised into cash, profit, assets, growth and people. 

We work with you to pull together a Management Dashboard of your specific key drivers so you can monitor performance, make adjustments before it’s too late and, confidently steer your desired outcomes.

Key Features

Manage costs

Track your key variable costs on a weekly basis to maintain a healthy gross profit

Enquiry levels

Where from, which product categories, best margins and conversion rates by period

Choice of field mapping

View in real time how your projects are tracking against set budget via simple traffic light system

Cashflow forecast

Working capital is critical driver for a sustainable business, accurately calculate what you need

Billable hours

Know and measure your team’s billable hours to lead focused and efficient outcomes

Scheduled reports

Have your key data insights delivered directly to your inbox whenever you need them


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Stephen Taylor

Director of Sales, CaseWare

Frequently asked questions

Zoho Analytics plan required will depend on the volume of data you have and the number of users needing access. Zoho One subscription includes Zoho Analytics.

We need to get to know your business and data first, guide you on which set of reports you need and then build them. Allow 3-4 weeks including review and modifications.

This is critical data for all businesses to identify and measure.

Yes for your Zoho Analytics software if purchasing as a standalone app. If you are a Zoho One user then it’s included.

Yes, you are provided some training so you can make changes to the reports yourself.

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