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Estimating the resources necessary to deliver a project is not an exact science.  If you’re a business that provides services for a fixed cost, it’s critical that you gather a defined brief and agree on a scope of work. However, as projects unfold and new information is uncovered or your client is swept along with what’s possible and requests variations, more often than not, scope creep sets in. This can very quickly impact your forecasted project profitability which may not be identified until it’s too late.

What’s key is being able to easily monitor and flag when a project is at risk and take the necessary actions to pull it back on course. In addition, having detailed data that allows you to debrief and analyse where the gaps were, what needs to be accommodated in future estimates or where you made significant wins is liberating. Better insights deliver better outcomes.


Zoho Analytics is a powerful business insights and data analytics software that lets you analyse your data and create stunning data visualisations. We sync data from your Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM systems and use it build out a set of reports and dashboards to deliver the insights your need. 

Choose from a selection of reports that might include labour utilisation, billable vs non-billable time spent, estimated vs actual costs and overall profitability. Whatever measures you use, we will work with you to provide easy to interpret and timely insights.

Key Features

Project KPI tracking

Set and measure key performance indicators by person, department or at company level

Labour utilisation insights

Analyse time spent on all work types by person, group or at company level

Choice of field mapping

View in real time how your projects are tracking against set budget via simple traffic light system

Tools for your team

Provide your team the information they need to make better decisions

Web tab CRM dashboards

Choose your key reports and display on a dashboard in your CRM for quick reference

Scheduled reports

Have your key data insights delivered directly to your inbox whenever you need them


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Lexi Keeton

Digital Operations Lead

Frequently asked questions

Zoho Analytics plan required will depend on the volume of data you have and the number of users needing access. Zoho One subscription includes Zoho Analytics.

We need to get to know your business and data first, guide you on which set of reports you need and then build them. Allow 2-3 weeks including review and modifications.

Applicable to any business who run projects including labour and materials such as construction, consulting, manufacture & install.

Yes for your Zoho Analytics software if purchasing as a standalone app. If you are a Zoho One user then it’s included.

Yes, you are provided some training so you can make changes to the reports yourself.

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