Zoho CRM for board performance advisory group

By | Posted on 24 July 2015 | Consulting & Strategy

“I love it when I email a prospect or contact and I can just type it in the CRM and it goes straight into their file. I have a record of all the emails I’ve sent out, which is great, and so are the follow-up prompts. They make life a lot easier.” Judy Jones, Administration…

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Zoho Analytics delivers key project insights

By | Posted on 9 March 2021 | Consulting & Strategy

Squirrel Business Solutions routinely manages in excess of 100 different client projects. Their project management system was sufficient for task management, but lacked the desired, detailed analysis into time and resource allocation across all projects. Given the volume of projects to oversee, it was critical to make project tracking intuitive and focused. The solution was enhancing the data flow between CRM Deals and Zoho Projects and then integrating both systems with Zoho Analytics to build specific reports and project dashboards.

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Zoho CRM integrates project management with reliable analytics

By | Posted on 14 July 2021 | Consulting & Strategy,Environment & Conservation

Global CCS Institute was looking to implement a user-friendly and straightforward project management CRM. Their project management program at the time was not being utilised efficiently and not achieving the possible advantages system integration can bring. Squirrel optimised the overarching CRM Global CCS Institute already operated by incorporating more specific project management and analytical software which could operate in tandem.

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Zoho CRM automates onboarding and booking for rapidly growing business.

By | Posted on 5 June 2022 | Consulting & Strategy,Trades & Services

The Cat Butler was planning for future expansion whilst looking to maintain the high quality of their services to current clients. Squirrel Business Solutions designed and implemented a CRM to support The Cat Butler’s processes from new leads to invoicing, automating communication with clients, centralising and systemising data and workflows in a scalable way to allow for and promote future business growth.

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CRM integrations streamline workflow and provide key business insights.

By | Posted on 21 August 2022 | Consulting & Strategy

Whitney Consulting wished to streamline their projects to ease the workload of their principal consultant, maintain workflow consistency across all jobs and access key business insights. Squirrel Business Solutions designed a CRM encompassing Whitney Consulting’s entire job process, incorporating software integrations to automate client intake and invoicing, sync calendar and file storage and generate business analytics. “I was worried about forgetting to send an invoice, and I also needed to get business analytics and data on how much it was costing us to do each of our jobs…I didn’t have that oversight” – Tara Whitney, Principal Consultant and Business Owner

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