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Elizabeth is our resident customer engagement lady. She checks in with our clients regularly to help the team at Squirrel efficiently deliver what's important. She's a bit of a wordsmith too!

Zoho Sign: Squirrel explores the pros and cons

By | Posted on 3 March 2020 | Automation,Business Tools,CRM,Technology

We Squirrels are always busy implementing new systems and software for our clients and discovering what works – and what could work better. In our ‘Squirrel explores …’ series of blog posts, we share with you the practical insights we have gained along the way, helping you to navigate the complex world of technology a…

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3 ways technology can drive growth in your business

By | Posted on 14 February 2020 | Automation

Research by Xero shows that businesses that boost their technology spending the most grow revenue three times faster than those with the weakest growth in tech spending. While that doesn’t surprise us, we are curious as to exactly how technology drives business growth. Digital champion Simon Waller suggests that three benefits of technology that can…

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CRM: Guide the customer journey and improve the customer experience

By | Posted on 23 September 2019 | Business Strategy,CRM

Alex has his own photography business. Specialising in people photography, he’s very busy capturing engagements, weddings, new babies, big birthdays and other special moments, to the delight of his clients. Sounds great, right? But the problem is, Alex never knows where his next booking is coming from. Each booking is a one-off that takes time…

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Lag v. lead indicators: How your stats can help you improve your game

By | Posted on 11 February 2019 | Business Tools

Spectators at the Australian Open may have noticed that match analytics and graphics are becoming ever-more sophisticated – detailing not only the angle, placement and outcome of every serve, shot and return, but also player position, errors and a host of other percentages and stats. While fans may be more interested in the score, players…

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How to create reporting that allows brilliant decision-making

By | Posted on 18 October 2018 | Uncategorized

Guest post by Bronagh Dobson Over the many years I have spent creating reports for boards and senior decision-makers, one principle has always been true: the more accurate and relevant the reporting, the better the leadership’s capacity to make informed decisions. Poor data, on the other hand, can set up even the most brilliant team…

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Google Ads and Facebook ads too expensive? Make the tech giants work for you

By | Posted on 29 August 2018 | Online Marketing

Guest post by Lachlan Still Have you had a stop-start or love-hate relationship with Google Ads? Do you find yourself saying, ‘It’s too expensive’, ‘Cost Per Clicks are way too high’, or ‘Facebook Ads are too expensive and no one buys anyway’? You wouldn’t be the first, and you certainly won’t be the last. So…

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Are sales opportunities slipping through your fingers? Use your CRM to improve marketing

By | Posted on 28 August 2018 | CRM,Sales Strategy

Are your marketing campaigns falling flat or not resulting in sales, or the kind of enquiries you want? Or is your phone simply not ringing? Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at your approach to marketing and ask yourself: Can you articulate exactly what it is that you’re selling – not just describe your…

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What is workflow automation and how will it benefit your business?

By | Posted on 20 August 2018 | Business Tools

Many people have come to accept that repetitive manual processes in the workplace are a fact of life. But they don’t have to be. Take, for example, following up on enquiries or converting leads. Generating a viable sales lead takes six to eight touches, but by setting up an automated process called a workflow, you can…

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Zoho CRM improves efficiency, reporting and marketing ROI in food-service industry

By | Posted on 31 July 2018 | Uncategorized

Players in the fast-paced and competitive food-service industry of today are working to become more customer-focussed by integrating sales, marketing and service processes. They’re striving to reduce the amount of time it takes to win business, deliver targeted marketing and nurture their relationships with existing customers. To achieve this, they need ready access to reliable,…

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Planning and delivering a successful custom development project – first steps

By | Posted on 14 June 2018 | Custom Development

The marketplace is bursting with sophisticated apps and add-ons for every imaginable business function – from finance to timesheets, and from inventory to expense management. But one size doesn’t always fit all, because many businesses have unique requirements. So a custom solution, or a hybrid that combines an off-the-shelf and a custom solution, delivers far greater…

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Zoho Social: staying in touch has never been so convenient

By | Posted on 16 December 2016 | Uncategorized

I’m the social Squirrel. Not in the party animal sense, unfortunately, but in the sense that it’s my job to look after our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We like to post daily to keep things interesting, but doing so sometimes requires more time than I have. Which is why I love Zoho Social. Sharing…

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Tracking your cost per lead with your CRM

By | Posted on 10 November 2016 | Uncategorized

I was recently invited to co-host a breakfast event. Considering that I break out in a rash at the very thought of public speaking, my first instinct was to decline. I also wondered if I had time to plan the event, prepare my talk and invite guests personally. And yet I agreed. Why? Because, simply…

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What is CRM?

By | Posted on 24 August 2016 | Business Tools,CRM

‘CRM’ stands for ‘customer relationship management’ and refers to the processes and procedures that organisations use to interact with their current and potential customers in order to better understand and meet their needs. The aim behind CRM is to enhance customer retention and ultimately drive sales growth. The term ‘CRM’ is also used to describe…

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