Blackhall & Pearl

Blackhall & Pearl is a specialist board performance and risk management advisory group that provides guidance to organisations on the achievements of their board and risk objectives.

The brief

Blackhall & Pearl needed a CRM to keep track of their contacts, prospects, meetings, phone calls and follow-ups, next steps and reports. They had nowhere to enter this information centrally, and were relying on people in the team to write it down and pass it on to each other, but this didn’t always happen and it often got lost.

The solution

  • Implemented Zoho CRM, transferring and mapping data relating to thousands of contacts over many spreadsheets, into one central place, and designing a system that captured all the information that the company
  • Integrated email and calendar
  • Provided report templates, with scheduling when required
  • Provided on-site user training, how-to videos, and training manual specific to system

The benefits

  • All relevant information can now be captured and stored in one system, at the fingertips of everyone in the team
  • Every stage in the workflow – prospects called, meetings booked, proposals in the pipeline, next steps and follow-ups – is recorded
  • The system provides prompts when follow-ups are due, so prospects don’t get lost
  • Reports are captured and stored centrally, where they are readily available for weekly meetings

I love it when I email a prospect or contact and I can just type it in the CRM and it goes straight into their file. I have a record of all the emails I’ve sent out, which is great, and so are the follow-up prompts. They make life a lot easier.

Judy Jones

Administration Coordinator

Blackhall & Pearl

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By | Posted on 24 July 2015 | Consulting & Strategy

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By | Posted on 24 July 2015 | Consulting & Strategy