Integrating Zoho CRM systems provides key insights for company

By | Posted on 4 March 2019 | Architecture, Building & Construction,Environment & Conservation,Trades & Services

Squirrel Business Solutions supported EnviroGroup in transitioning from an outdated CRM that did not integrate with other applications to a user-friendly system that integrated with a client’s CRM system – streamlining processes, providing access to key information and facilitating collaboration.

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Quoting Tool optimises a uniquely digital sales process

By | Posted on 19 August 2021 | Trades & Services

As a new and uniquely digital enterprise, TexSquare required a CRM which would completely support a complex sales process, connecting a plethora of textiles suppliers and products with a global list of buyers. Squirrel Business Solutions established Zoho CRM with the addition of a specially designed automated quoting tool which enables optimal sales accuracy, efficiency and responsiveness.

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Zoho CRM automates onboarding and booking for rapidly growing business.

By | Posted on 5 June 2022 | Consulting & Strategy,Trades & Services

The Cat Butler was planning for future expansion whilst looking to maintain the high quality of their services to current clients. Squirrel Business Solutions designed and implemented a CRM to support The Cat Butler’s processes from new leads to invoicing, automating communication with clients, centralising and systemising data and workflows in a scalable way to allow for and promote future business growth.

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Zoho Creator delivers comprehensive asset maintenance and management application.

By | Posted on 16 January 2023 | Trades & Services

Redfern Flinn required a centralised software system to record maintenance information of their assets (for example, cranes) which service technicians could use when visiting clients and performing on-site inspections. Squirrel built a custom application using Zoho Creator for Redfern Flinn’s specific operations and processes. Integrated with Zoho CRM, it provides a dynamic system streamlining the team’s asset maintenance and management service.

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