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  • Sales Process
  • System Integration

We know that on average it takes six to eight touches to generate a viable sales lead, and there are only so many hours in a day. Squirrel Business Solutions helped The Property Mentors to automate their leads-nurturing process by integrating their web enquiry form with their CRM and with MailChimp. This ensured that new enquiries were not lost and freed up their team to focus on leads that needed personal attention, improving customer service in a highly competitive industry.

The Property Mentors provide education and guidance on all aspects of property investment.

The brief

The Property Mentors ran a number of events – webinars, e-courses, and so on –  and programs, which they advertised on their website, as well as on various landing pages and social media. Their sales team were receiving most of their enquiries by email and transferring the information manually into their CRM. They were then following up with a phone call, when time allowed. But enquiries were slipping between the cracks. The Property Mentors knew that better customer service was a priority if they were to differentiate themselves from their competitors and stand out from the crowd.

The Property Mentors were also seeking to increase engagement in their events and generate new leads. They wanted to automate as much of their communication with new leads as possible in order to relieve the pressure on their internal resources to call every new lead personally. In addition, they wanted to deliver value by providing relevant information that would educate leads about their products and services and help them begin to develop a relationship and build trust.

Given that their market was Australia-wide, The Property Mentors needed to be able to segment new enquiries by location. Their leads were also split into three core areas, based on whether they were looking to buy a first property, looking to invest, or looking to buy a property using their super. It was therefore vital that that all that information was captured when the enquiry first came in so that any communications and marketing material could be targeted appropriately.

The solution

  • Mailchimp
  • Webform
  • Zoho CRM
Web-CRM-MailChimp integration allowed The Property Mentors to automate their processes, segment their data and ultimately improve customer service

Web-CRM integration

Working in conjunction with The Property Mentor’s digital marketing agency, Squirrel Business Solutions set about integrating their website with Zoho CRM. We achieved this using a custom-built Formidable web form plug-in. The form captured information from new enquiries, including location and lead source.

This information was then pushed across into The Property Mentor’s CRM, creating a new lead and alerting the relevant sales person that a new lead had entered the system. It also triggered an automated, personalised welcome email to the new lead. At the same time, it alerted the team to carry out internal tasks such as making an appointment or calling the client to answer questions.

Zoho CRM-MailChimp integration

Based on the landing page they originally came through, and depending on what they signed up for (e.g. e-course, inner-circle list), the lead was then pushed onto a list in MailChimp.  The digital agency had mapped a sales pathway strategy and produced content that could be sent to people on different lists. These automated touch points were all designed to build trust, deliver relevant information to the lead and develop a relationship.

The integration between Zoho CRM and MailChimp pushed across all the fields that the client wanted to segment via, such as state, contact type (either prospect or existing client), lead source, products/services interested in (which allows segmentation via state), initial enquiry regarding, and therefore more targeted marketing.

The benefits

  • Marketing campaigns that were focused on each market segment’s specific needs, which increased the quality of the leads being delivered.
  • The ability to segment leads according to lead source (and therefore location and interests) allowed for more targeted marketing.
  • Being able to see what each lead had signed up for in the CRM gave the salesperson better insight into what the lead’s interests were and they could therefore have a more meaningful conversation with them.

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