Zoho Sign: Squirrel explores the pros and cons

By | Posted on 3 March 2020 | Automation,Business Tools,CRM,Technology

We Squirrels are always busy implementing new systems and software for our clients and discovering what works – and what could work better. In our ‘Squirrel explores …’ series of blog posts, we share with you the practical insights we have gained along the way, helping you to navigate the complex world of technology a…

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What’s an API anyway?

By | Posted on 15 September 2016 | APIs,Technology

I have a confession to make … You would think that as the founder of a business that helps other businesses choose and implement software systems I would have an IT or systems engineering background, right? Nope. I’m just a bit of a technology enthusiast who loves working out how to make things run more…

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6.5 Steps To Starting Your Business In The Cloud

By | Posted on 1 March 2014 | Business Tools,Cloud Business,Technology

Before the advent of the internet, business was hard, manual, and extremely unforgiving. The internet came along and helped simplify many business processes; it gave us more research avenues, and allowed us to organise our thoughts in one place. The desktop still anchored us to one location; not entirely convenient. We sat and stared at…

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Technology Could Make You Worth Less But Not Worthless

By | Posted on 22 February 2014 | Business Tools,Technology

The rapid rate of information technology deployment is one of the great transformations of the 21st century. Throughout history technology are deployed to do repetitive and information based tasks. When this happen the human skills associated with those tasks get rapidly devalued. They become worth less. A great example I read about recently is the…

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