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  • Software Development
  • System Integration

Redfern Flinn required a centralised software system to record maintenance information of their assets (for example, cranes) which service technicians could use when visiting clients and performing on-site inspections. Squirrel built a custom application using Zoho Creator for Redfern Flinn’s specific operations and processes. Integrated with Zoho CRM, it provides a dynamic system streamlining the team’s asset maintenance and management service.

Redfern Flinn

Redfern Flinn Lifting Equipment is an established manufacturer and supplier of industrial cranes and hoists. The company, which has operations in both Victoria and New South Wales, offers an inclusive service encompassing sales, installation and on-site crane inspection, maintenance, and repair.

The brief

As part of their extensive crane servicing solution, Redfern Flinn conducts (themselves or via third-party) maintenance and service inspections of cranes and equipment manufactured and supplied to clients. Previously, Redfern’s service technicians had been operating using paper, manually writing reports whilst on jobs which Redfern’s head office would then manually consolidate and create inspection reports to provide to clients. The team at Redfern Flinn needed a solution to streamline not only the work of their service technicians and head office but to manage the entire asset maintenance process. A CRM to manage their customer database and track relationships was also a priority.


The solution

  • Custom modules
  • Zoho Creator
  • Zoho CRM

Squirrel implemented Zoho CRM and built an Asset Maintenance app using Zoho Creator to cater to Redfern Flinn’s needs. Zoho CRM provides a central place for all asset information to be registered and maintenance history to be stored. The Asset Maintenance app streamlines the work of service technicians, providing them with a mobile app that guides them through their allocated jobs. Multi-directional integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator allows for seamless information flow between service technicians, Redfern Flinn administration and clients.

Custom modules for Jobs, Assets, and Asset Reports in Zoho CRM were built.

Zoho CRM 

Redfern Flinn’s Zoho CRM contains standard modules, such as Deals, Contacts, and Accounts, as well as modules specially designed for Redfern’s workflow – Jobs, Assets, and Job Reports. All modules are interconnected seamlessly to support asset management; for example, a client’s assets can be assigned to them and then accessed via either Assets or Accounts modules. Zoho CRM thus functions as a central asset register; Redfern can select asset types from a standardised list to easily assign them to clients, whilst also being able to edit the standardised list of assets available to be assigned where needed.

For this project, Squirrel designed  Zoho CRM to be primarily used by Redfern Flinn’s administration team for creating asset maintenance Jobs for service technicians, and accessing Job Reports following maintenance inspections. Within the Jobs module, users can input a job number, assign the appropriate client and asset(s) for the job, and allocate the job to a service technician. Once created, a job will sync to the Asset Maintenance App and become accessible to the allocated service technician via their Zoho Creator account.

Following a job, asset maintenance reports are finalised in Asset Maintenance App and synced to Zoho CRM, becoming accessible in PDF form to Redfern administration. Completed reports are indicated by a completion date within the Jobs module, where a Job outcome is also recorded (e.g. No Action Required). Job outcomes are determined automatically based on an algorithm assigned to maintenance report responses filled out by service technicians. Asset reports are accessible via all appropriate modules, i.e. Job, Account, Assets, and can be shared as a PDF via a link with Redfern Flinn’s clients when desired.

Zoho Creator

The service technicians access the Asset Maintenance App remotely whilst on jobs via an iPad or other mobile device. Within the app, technicians can access and action only jobs assigned to them, as well as view previously completed reports for jobs currently assigned to them.

Where service technicians were previously completing asset inspection reports on paper, the Asset Maintenance App allows reports to be completed via a streamlined checklist and drop-down questionnaire, with options to add comments or images where beneficial. Each asset type is configured in Zoho CRM and creates a different inspection questionnaire and report within the Asset Maintenance App. This delivers tailored inspections based on the specific asset maintenance requirements.

Once a technician has completed an inspection they may save or finalise their input. Data is synced back to Zoho CRM, generating a report located within a list of complete jobs (where it is viewable but no longer editable by technicians), and is actionable by Redfern’s administration.

The benefits

  • Ability to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive asset management service due to the dynamic nature of the software, wherein asset fields and components, for example, are editable by Redfern administration.
  • Easy to use software interface guides all users through the process, streamlining the entire workflow from job creation to report sharing and increasing job efficiency.
  • A centralised asset register that is easy to use and includes standardised asset types and integrated CRM modules.
  • Reliable data which can be pulled into reports and delivered professionally to clients.
  • Highest competency of asset servicing, as service technicians are better informed via easy access to an asset’s maintenance history, therefore, providing clients with an extensive and reliable service.

Kylie and Jonathan have been fantastic in providing this solution and evolving it. Their responsiveness, problem solving and support has been fantastic. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them.

Stephen Batter

Managing Director

Redfern Flinn

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