As employers struggle to motivate, manage and retain their Gen Y workforce, Kylie Harker, consultant at Squirrel Business Solutions suggests employers consider adopting technology that allows for flexibility in the workplace.

“Employers must adapt to a new era of leadership, Gen Y value their independence so why not be flexible and introduce cloud based systems to allow them to work off site,” she said.

A worldwide survey* of over 3,000 workers in the 19-30 age bracket worldwide and found that 72% at “regular” jobs would like to quit, “freedom” being the top reason why with 89% saying they prefer to work when and where they choose.

“If the results are there at the end of the month and as a business leader you have absolute clarity on what activities are required to create those results, does it really matter when and where your team works?” said Ms Harker.

She also adds that, “People are certainly more collaborative and innovative when they’re together but different people require different surroundings to be at their most efficient.”


  • Opportunities to work remotely: Laptops and tablets mean people can work anywhere, anytime.  Use cloud based project management software or shared ‘to-do’ lists to monitor progress and allocate tasks.
  • Introduce apps that support productivity: Many Client Relationship Management systems have mobile apps.  These can improve efficiencies by allowing employees to have a sales meeting, make notes and action next steps on the go.
  • Store your data in the cloud: Software such as Dropbox and Google Drive give the team access to the information they need to work remotely.  This enables remote collaboration and employers can set access levels as required.
  • Share your vision: Gen Y respond well to short term goals and being included in the decision making process.  Share your vision, break it down into milestones and communicate their role in achieving them.  Clarity is power.

“The introduction of technology that is often free of charge to the business can make a significant impact to productivity and engagement levels,” said Ms Harker.

Ms Harker is co-founder of Squirrel Business Solutions based in Melbourne which offers CRM and business systems advice and implementation support for small to medium business.  For further information visit Squirrel

By | Posted on 5 January 2014 | Media releases

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