Simple tools to improve your Customer data capture.

For the majority of small businesses their customer information is central to everything they do, from delivering items to sales calls or targeted marketing activity. 

When your data is correct you save time and money. When it’s entered into your CRM accurately at the start, you avoid time spent checking or updating and you can be assured that financial and billing information is compliant. 

This post looks at a feature that you’ve probably used – a form address search and why something so simple can have such a significant impact on your business. 

We all like how easy it is to find our address when we’re filling in a delivery form but have you ever wondered how it works? There are a number of free and paid services that provide this function, we’re going to focus on a free option (Google) and a paid provider (DataTools) and explain the pros and cons of each. 


The main advantage of the address capture software by Google is its low cost –  the software itself is free, so the only cost to your business is its implementation within your CRM or webform. But this advantage is counterbalanced by a couple of drawbacks in terms of data accuracy and privacy.


  • It’s free to use (but you’ll need help setting it up)
  • All of your address fields will be completed in your forms (with a pretty good level of accuracy)


  • Google’s data is generated from the cars and bikes you see mapping the streets for Google Maps, so this can’t check for things like apartment or unit addresses.
  • Google’s search will take any address input and return its best guess result- even if the street number doesn’t exist.
  • Google’s software does not verify captured addresses against an authoritative database (such as government records or a postal service), so newer developments or subdivisions may not exist in their database.
  • Google will record and store customer information and addresses, giving rise to privacy concerns among some clients or customers.  

Why would you choose Google?

  • You want to improve your customer experience when completing forms
  • You want to improve the data captured in your CRM
  • You don’t have a big budget to spend
  • You’re ok with a few addresses not being 100% correct

DataTools (Kleber)

DataTools is an Australian company that provides a number of data services to local businesses, the address search function is just one of them. 

In addition to address search they can check mobiles and email addresses as part of the same package, with monthly rates starting at $100 (this is enough for nearly 1,500 address searches per month).


  • DataTools database is built from authoritative databases such as governmental or postal records, including apartment or unit addresses. 
  • The database is updated regularly ensuring address capture is more reliably up to date. 
  • Unlike Google, DataTools does not record or store captured address information, upholding stricter privacy standards. 
  • Local support means any issues can be resolved quickly 
  • They can also bundle together email and phone number validation, offering a more holistic package for verification of your customer data.


  • Monthly subscription cost (starts at $100 per month)
  • Requires an account to be setup 
  • You’ll need a developer to set it up for you

Why would you choose DataTools?

  • You want access to the most accurate address data available
  • You want to use an Australian company
  • You’d like to confirm phone numbers or email addresses too
  • You’re not worried about a monthly subscription cost

Read more about DataTools Address Search Capabilities

Ask Squirrel

Accurate information (your customer data) is at the heart of many a good customer relationship and for most businesses this starts with a web form.  Both of the options we’ve reviewed today are good solutions and can be easily connected to your existing webforms, or if you don’t have one as part of a new one that we can build for you.

If you’d like to find out more about either the free Google search tool or the more comprehensive service from DataTools and how this solution could work for you, feel free to get in touch for a free, no-obligation discussion.

By | Posted on 15 August 2022 | Software Reviews

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