Web-CRM-MailChimp integration improves customer service

By | Posted on 3 April 2016 | Education, Training & Coaching,Real Estate & Property

We know that on average it takes six to eight touches to generate a viable sales lead, and there are only so many hours in a day. Squirrel Business Solutions helped The Property Mentors to automate their leads-nurturing process by integrating their web enquiry form with their CRM and with MailChimp. This ensured that new enquiries were not lost and freed up their team to focus on leads that needed personal attention, improving customer service in a highly competitive industry.

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CRM-web integration reduces admin by 3 hours per day

By | Posted on 23 November 2016 | Education, Training & Coaching,NFP, Government & Member Organisations

Prompt, relevant communication is at the heart of a successful relationship between an organisation and its members. This can be difficult if the organisation has three different arms and a constantly growing database. If you also need to link family members to one account and communicate with them differently, you have a complex administrative challenge on your hands. Squirrel Business Solutions designed, built and implemented a solution tailored to Gondwana Choirs’ unique requirements. This brought all their systems into line, greatly reduced administration time and enhanced their communications with their members.

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Zoho CRM-MailChimp two-way integration promotes long-term growth for training company

By | Posted on 10 July 2017 | Education, Training & Coaching

“Thanks to Squirrel, we can now access 20,000 customer records in MailChimp and leverage them for long-term business growth. Squirrel were fantastic to work with – they have an excellent knowledge of Zoho CRM and integration, and were always responsive, accessible and willing to fix problems. Great value for money.” Eddie Ragauskas, CEO, Ceventas Pty…

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Zoho CRM-Xero integration helps coaching business to avoid bad debtors

By | Posted on 2 July 2018 | Education, Training & Coaching

This allows data to be pulled from Xero into the CRM, where a real-time overview of the status of all invoices can be viewed and reports can be drawn up. This alerts the sales team to bad debtors.

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Digitisation, Zoho CRM-SMS integration reduce admin and generate enquiries for not-for-profit

By | Posted on 4 September 2018 | Education, Training & Coaching

Squirrel Business Solutions implemented Zoho CRM for Righteous Pups and digitised all their manual processes, including the completion of application forms and the storage of important records. They also installed two-way SMS integration. As a result, the administrative burden on their small team has been greatly reduced. This has relieved anxiety and enabled them to improve their communications and services, increase their reach and raise awareness of their work.

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Zoho CRM mobile app for sales coach improves communication and efficiency

By | Posted on 21 November 2018 | Education, Training & Coaching

A small company that had grown organically, Sales Shift Global had no formal system in place for storing customer information. Details were spread across spreadsheets and emails and not always easy to find. The team sometimes recorded meeting discussions on sticky notes, or relied on memory. They were using Xero for invoicing.

Realising that they were spending valuable time looking for information, and that some information was getting lost, Sales Shift Global decided that it was time to implement a system that would help them store information centrally and share it between different parts of the business. The called on Squirrel Business Solutions for help.

“We didn’t have information at our fingertips when we needed it – we had to hunt for it. We really needed everything in one place,” recalls Andrea Boyle, Business Administrator, Sales Shift Global.

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Zoho CRM enables dispersed team to centralise data and calculate revenue splits

By | Posted on 13 December 2019 | Education, Training & Coaching

Squirrel Business Solutions supported Steople in moving from an outdated database to a cloud-based system that gave them centralised data accessible to their dispersed team, automated processes, including revenue splits, and detailed reporting.

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Zoho CRM software integrations streamline the processes of a growing business.

By | Posted on 29 April 2022 | Education, Training & Coaching

Remedy First Aid Training came to Squirrel as their business began to grow. They needed a centralised CRM which could facilitate their growth and make their processes, including various course sales and registration workflows, as efficient as possible. Squirrel designed and implemented a streamlined CRM with multiple integrations, allowing their workflows to be highly automated, increasing reliability and efficiency for the Remedy First Aid Training team and their clients.

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