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If you’re anything like me, preparing for a holiday is stressful. Not just at home, but on the work front too. As the sole proprietor of a small business, I have to make sure that things will keep ticking along in my absence, which means completing a long list of chores that won’t wait. I’ve certainly earned my holiday by the time I get on that plane.

Your CRM is so much more than a database

But one thing I never have to worry about when I go away is keeping in touch with my clients. That’s because I use my CRM (customer relationship management) system to send them a sequence of emails at pre-determined intervals. Whether they’re making a first inquiry, on the brink of engaging our services, or an existing client learning a new system, I can rely on the automation tool to send out an appropriate, and interesting or useful, email to the right person at the right time. Even when I’m lying on a beach.

Of course this doesn’t happen by magic. The email autoresponder may have been called the lazy marketer’s best friend, but you have to put in the work to get the results. Take heart, though: it’s a simple case of ‘work smarter, not harder’. Lay the groundwork by setting up and using your CRM system correctly from the get-go and it will become your most valuable marketing tool.

This means:

  • Capturing the right information and being disciplined and meticulous about keeping it up to date.
  • Recording all interactions with clients; this will help to grow your understanding of their needs and therefore your ability to meet them.
  • Segmenting your database so that every email is targeted and relevant.
  • Providing content that will educate, inform or entertain your audience (otherwise it’s just spam).

The rest will be a piece of Christmas cake, thanks to your CRM. Now where did I put my passport …

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