Looking to boost sales productivity, improve lead follow ups and maximise your opportunities?

Here’s six reasons you should consider working with a mobile sales CRM solution.

Reason # 1

Your sales teams get to become more personal than ever before. They get access to up-to-date contact, account and product information, making it so much easier to give customers the info they need, when they need it.

Reason # 2

A mobile sales solution makes it easy to add new leads directly into your CRM system while you’re on the go. The sooner a lead is logged, the sooner it can be followed up. Empower your sales team with tools that will increase their productivity and accountability.

Reason # 3

Working in the cloud, your databases are always kept up to date, which means your sales team and the office are both working with the latest information. If there’s a change to an opportunity or a quote, your sales team will be instantly updated on the device they’re using. Not only is this great for the business, it’s a key ingredient in providing better customer service.

Reason # 4

Sales teams often uncover key information about a client during or after a meeting. Mobile sales apps let this information spread quickly throughout the organisation via notes and voice note updates; so that everyone is prepared if a client decides to make contact. They let your sales staff, customer service and clients communicate in real time with each other and build better relationships.

Reason # 5

Follow up calls are a critical part of the sales process and mobile sales solutions make it easier to schedule in reminders. You can include as much information in the reminder as you need in order to have a successful follow up. This could mean no more post-it notes or juggling info on separate apps or diaries.

Reason # 6

Management can access real-time sales reports and track business results while on the go. They can also set alerts for new opportunities closed or deadlines, helping them make faster and better informed decisions. Instead of quarterly reports, management now can access up-to-the minute data that can result in strategies being implemented sooner and opportunities being capitalised upon.

Mobile sales apps improve customer service, because they let sales teams respond to emails and make and schedule calls with prospects while on the go. Keeping the focus on high pay off activities will not only increase productivity but ultimately the profitability of your organisation.

By | Posted on 1 December 2014 | Cloud Business,CRM,Productivity Apps,Sales Strategy

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