Zoho CRM streamlines photography business’ operations

By | Posted on 10 November 2015 | Print & Creative

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PrintIQ-Hubspot integration reduces data entry by 40 hours a month

By | Posted on 20 March 2019 | Print & Creative

Squirrel Business Solutions integrated PrintIQ with Hubspot, enabling Selby’s to reduce manual data entry and track quotes and their sales pipeline.

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Zoho CRM automates new enquiries process to nurture all leads

By | Posted on 14 July 2021 | Print & Creative

The team at Karolina York wished to automate their lead management to ensure new enquiries were attended to in a timely manner. Squirrel was engaged to design a CRM which would function to nurture these new leads from a variety of sources and across a variety of categories, incorporating automated emails, tasks and webforms

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Innovative Zoho CRM integrations streamline sales and invoicing processes

By | Posted on 13 October 2021 | Print & Creative

Data Image wished to establish a streamlined and automated software system encompassing lead, quote and invoice management. The team, who had just started with Zoho One and were implementing Zoho CRM, wanted to maximise process efficiency and accuracy of data transfer amongst a variety of software programmes – Xero, Creditsafe and printIQ –  specifically for customer account and financial information. Squirrel guided and assisted the Data Image team in optimising Zoho CRM, and developed a number of integrations between additional software programmes, resulting in optimal process efficiency and data accuracy.

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Integrating Hubspot and printIQ for quick Sales quotes.

By | Posted on 26 July 2023 | Print & Creative

Courtney Brands had recently moved onto Hubspot and needed the means to send their requests for quotes (RFQs) into their printIQ production software. With their current setup, they were expecting to have to re-enter data into both platforms making it an error prone and an inefficient use of time. They realized they needed a better way to ensure accuracy and efficiency. So they reached out to Squirrel to fill in the gaps of this process. The team was able to review, design and adapt a process to suit the Courtney Brands sales team, allowing them to quickly and easily push quotes and track print jobs between both systems.

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Getting the lay of the land with Zoho CRM and Google Maps

By | Posted on 5 September 2023 | Print & Creative

The Gawk team was looking for a better way to track commercial leasing agreements and know their lead potential, progress and pipeline health based on their many regions across Victoria. Up until now, they had been using a mix of Google Spreadsheet and Trello to track their records and navigating between the two was becoming a massive time sink for management. The team needed a clear, at-a-glance report to ensure they had all current leads in hand and an eye on all their future opportunities. The Squirrel team stepped in with the aim to collate this data into one central location in Zoho CRM. This solution became the Gawk team’s custom CRM module, Development Priorities. It enabled the team to track their lead segments by regional area so they could get the most out of their potential deals. Each region now provided clear information as to the status of all its leads and their last interaction dates, so the team could keep on top of all the interactions. With a click of a button, a user in CRM could delve into the deeper details of the Lead record, or bring up a regional map to review the entire local area to plan trips and see what opportunities could potentially be reignited. In review, Luke Course (Director) found that he “doubled their output…with scouting becoming quicker, and tracking has improved.”. They recorded an approximate increase of 30% more leads signed across this period due to their ability to make data-informed decisions for the business and provide the nurturing their leads needed to choose Gawk Outdoor.

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