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  • Process Automation
  • Sales Process
  • System Integration

Courtney Brands had recently moved onto Hubspot and needed the means to send their requests for quotes (RFQs) into their printIQ production software. With their current setup, they were expecting to have to re-enter data into both platforms making it an error prone and an inefficient use of time. They realized they needed a better way to ensure accuracy and efficiency. So they reached out to Squirrel to fill in the gaps of this process. The team was able to review, design and adapt a process to suit the Courtney Brands sales team, allowing them to quickly and easily push quotes and track print jobs between both systems.

Courtney Brands

Courtney Brands is an award-winning print communications supplier based in Melbourne’s thriving southeast business hub. Specialists in high-end digital printing and finishing for the past 35 years, they have a focus on really listening and understanding their customers’ needs to deliver quality products and exceptional service.

The brief

The Courtney Brands team’s main goal of the project was to save the Sales team from tedious data entry and double handling so they could stay focused on making sales. Before this, the team had to manually enter data into both printIQ and their CRM, leading to regular inefficiencies and potential data inconsistencies. This was an ongoing risk for future data and was present in their historical data.

The solution

  • Hubspot
  • PrintIQ

Squirrel set up custom fields in Hubspot to match those in printIQ to ensure Customer, Contact and Deal information could be shared via the integration. New Customers and Contacts created in Hubspot should be pushed across to printIQ along with any updates to contact details. The ultimate goal was to ensure that when the sales team were visiting clients on the road, they could use the Hubspot app to create Deals and request RFQs easily.

To do this the Squirrel team had to adapt and develop new ways to integrate as the Courtney Brands team was using a limited license for Hubspot which did not allow for custom objects to be created. Undaunted, the team set to work, developing an integration that enables in-app (Hubspot) RFQs to instantaneously generate quotes into printIQ pipeline. This streamlines the communication between the Sales & Account Managers working in Hubspot and the Estimators who work in printIQ.

Now Sales could easily create records between the two platforms that would update in real-time. This feature provided a clear overview of the sales process, enabling the team to track and prioritise deals, identify bottlenecks, and take appropriate actions to move deals forward. The estimators and job managers could now keep track of and communicate job progress reliably and consistently to the rest of the company to ensure the quality of client services could be maintained.

The benefits

  • Reduction in time spent on re-keying data into multiple systems
  • Better visibility across the Sales pipeline and automatic stage updates
  • Accurate record-keeping with two-way sync
  • Sales can view the status of jobs from within the Hubspot mobile app
  • Better internal team communication between Account Managers and Estimators

The project successfully met its objectives of seamless integration, eliminating data re-entry, improving deal management, and enabling mobile deal creation. A side benefit was improved data integrity resulting from the initial sync process which identified duplicated or outdated data in printIQ using exception reports. This opportunity to clean up Customer and Contact data ensured accurate and reliable information for better decision-making, customer management and leading to better service outcomes.

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