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  • Lead Nurture
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Process

The team at Karolina York wished to automate their lead management to ensure new enquiries were attended to in a timely manner. Squirrel was engaged to design a CRM which would function to nurture these new leads from a variety of sources and across a variety of categories, incorporating automated emails, tasks and webforms

Karolina York

Karolina York is a print design studio operating both in Australia and internationally. They design and produce hand-drawn and digital prints for individual fashion brands and fashion retailers.

The brief

Karolina York had faced difficulties when designing a CRM which could ensure new leads were attended to in a relevant and timely manner. A lack of automation and task management meant they had faced a loss of potential opportunities and clients. “We noticed a lot of mistakes in the back end of our system and a lot of inconsistencies…we were potentially losing new clients and leads– Maria, Karolina York

They required a system which could combat this and ensure no new leads were lost. Their process involved various categories of new leads, each which incorporated a variety of webforms and emails which needed to be automated appropriately.

The solution

  • Zoho Campaigns
  • Zoho CRM

In conjunction with Karolina York, the Squirrel team mapped the complex process of categorising lead types and each subsequent workflow process of lead management. Squirrel then designed and implemented Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns in order to automate the distinct processes for each lead type as much as possible, incorporating segmentation, integrated webforms, automated tasks and timely reminders.

Zoho CRM

The implementation of Zoho CRM by Squirrel ensures that each new lead is identified and handled as soon as it is received, ensuring Karolina York is able to realise all new opportunities:

  • Integration of new enquiries into Zoho CRM: New enquiries from various sources (e.g. website, email, manual entry) are directly taken up by the CRM in order to be identified by a team member.
  • Workflow and task creation: Once new leads are identified, they are assessed and allocated to their appropriate category (e.g. ‘Potential Client’ or ‘Potential Partner’) and an automatic workflow is created. Each workflow includes a template of automated tasks and emails allocated to and accessible by a team member at Karolina York.
  • Automation: Triggered by certain manual actions (e.g. assignment of ‘approved’ status to a new lead) or at the appropriate time, emails and integrated web forms are sent to new leads according to the mapped workflow.

The benefits

  • Maximum realisation of new business opportunities due to the complete automation of leads and enquiries process.
  • Increase in efficiency due to reduction of manual data input and time spent by employees collating new lead information from multiple sources.
  • Consistent, timely, and relevant nurturing of new leads due to a clear workflow, automated tasks and emails, and task reminders.

Squirrel were able to translate our process into automated workflows and we’re able to utilise our whole platform. This has saved us time from manually inputting data and sending standard emails

Lucinda Shanahan

Studio Manager

Karolina York

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By | Posted on 14 July 2021 | Print & Creative