Players in the fast-paced and competitive food-service industry of today are working to become more customer-focussed by integrating sales, marketing and service processes. They’re striving to reduce the amount of time it takes to win business, deliver targeted marketing and nurture their relationships with existing customers.

To achieve this, they need ready access to reliable, up-to-date client data and the ability to track every detail and interaction – from client communications, to store information, to sales records.

CRM systems give businesses the ability to manage all this information in one central repository, establish consistent workflows and derive valuable insights on performance. Below are two ways in which Squirrel Business Solutions has helped companies in the food-services arena to use CRM in these ways – and improve efficiency, grow their business and increase their ROI:

Improve access to client data and sales reporting

Tassal are Australia’s largest producer of Tasmanian-grown Atlantic salmon. They identified the need to establish a central repository for their client data, create a standardised sales process to support their growing salesforce and gain insight into sales activity and performance.

Following the implementation of Zoho CRM, the sales team can now plan and track their store visits and have visibility of the amount of stock each store is carrying. The CRM also automatically generates weekly reports summarising sales activity across the team. In addition, it provides a useful means of tracking quality issues.

Segment data for targeted marketing

Asian Restaurant Concepts, who handle marketing and franchise enquiries and onboarding for Noodle Box and Wokinabox, were struggling to manage their client data, which was dispersed across multiple systems. They were also looking to direct their marketing efforts to specific groups within their database.

Implementing Zoho CRM and integrating it with MailChimp and SMS has helped them to deliver targeted marketing campaigns to different segments via email and SMS. They can also bring relevant marketing data directly into the CRM via point-of-sale scanning and deliver greater insights into marketing ROI via the CRM’s reporting capabilities. In addition, the CRM has clarified their workflows and processes and helped them to keep track of issues.

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Squirrel Business Solutions implements and integrates CRM and other cloud-based systems, and provides training and support, for small and medium-sized businesses all over Australia, including Melbourne, Bendigo, regional Victoria, Tasmania, Sydney and Brisbane. This empowers them to automate their processes and improve their efficiency.

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