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Squirrel Business Solutions supported BNR Partners in upgrading their CRM in order to better manage ongoing engagement with their referral partners and track their leads. They also implemented a series of automated emails to facilitate regular communication with their referral partners

BNR Partners

BNR Partners is a mid size firm providing professional taxation, advisory and financial planning services, specialising in estates and trusts, across Australia.

The brief

BNR Partners had Zoho CRM (Professional edition) in place but were not using it to track their leads. They needed to further streamline and customise the system to make it easier to follow up consistently. They also wished to implement a series of automated emails to facilitate regular, targeted communication and remain front of mind with their referral partners.

Having previously worked with Squirrel on the successful implementation of their CRM, BNR Partners didn’t hesitate to call on Squirrel for help.

The solution

  • Zoho Campaigns
  • Zoho CRM

The work took place in two phases:

Zoho CRM upgrade and customisation

Squirrel began by upgrading BNR Partners to the Enterprise edition of Zoho CRM, which provides more advanced workflow options to allow for a drip delivery of emails, as well as different field layouts and advanced reporting. They then took steps to customise the system to reflect BNR’s process and carried out custom scripting, making it possible to:

  • Record such information as events attended by referral partners
  • Segment contacts based on state, size of firm and location
  • Set up inactivity alerts to help the team stay in touch with referral partners
  • Automate the updating of contact details when account addresses are changed
  • Keep count of jobs referred
  • Carry out detailed reporting, by factors such as lead source and referral partner

Zoho CRM-Zoho Campaigns integration

Squirrel then implemented Zoho Campaigns and set up a two-way integration between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM. This means that when contacts are added to one system, they are automatically added to the other. There are a number of key fields used for segmentation which are in included in the two-way sync between the systems.

After segmenting BNR Partners’ contacts according to certain criteria, Squirrel set up and scheduled a sequence of autoresponders to be sent to particular groups of referral partners. These automated emails ensure that referral partners receive appropriate communications at regular intervals throughout the year.

The sequence is also automatically triggered when a new contact is added that meets the appropriate criteria.

The benefits

  • Reduced manual data entry and improved accuracy of data.
  • Consistent workflow for following up on leads.
  • Ability to identify other leads in the vicinity with the ‘Near Me’ function and arrange a spontaneous meeting.
  • Improved control and oversight of communications with referral partners, with reminders to follow up after a certain amount of time.
  • Targeted, more effective, marketing through segmentation of databases in Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns.
  • Regular and consistent communication with referral partners, enhancing ability to stay ‘front of mind’.
  • Improved efficiency through automation.
  • Improved reporting and clearer insight into the value of lead sources and referral partners.

We’ve been happy with Squirrel throughout the process. Nicole has been our go-to person for last year or two. Very available and has good knowledge. Her support has been paramount to the success of the project.

Lynda Plaskett

Administration Manager

BNR Partners

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By | Posted on 11 October 2020 | Banking & Financial

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By | Posted on 11 October 2020 | Banking & Financial