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Alton wished to customise and optimise Zoho CRM to support their various processes, including candidate recruitment and client hiring. Squirrel implemented integrations between the CRM and specially designed webforms to facilitate automatic data syncing, and customised a web widget to streamline and simplify the client experience provided by Alton.

Alton is a Melbourne based labour hire company, providing personnel to various companies for short-term staffing needs. Alton specialises in blue collar industries and also connects clients to office personnel where required.

The brief

Alton required a CRM to facilitate both their recruitment and onboarding process, and labour hiring requirements. Alton wanted to streamline the multiple steps for candidate application and automate the onboarding process, they also needed to systemise the labour hiring process to reduce requirements on key staff to be involved.

Due to the large volume of candidate applications and the bulk nature of hiring, they wanted a way to quickly filter records to find the most suitable candidates for the job and hire them with the least amount of data entry possible.

The solution

Squirrel developed a number of custom webforms integrated to Zoho CRM to facilitate applications and candidate onboarding and designed a bespoke search engine that would allow the seamless selection and hiring of one or many candidates.

The Automated recruitment process:

  1. At each step of the process, the Applicant is linked to a prefilled form to capture additional data such as OH&S, Covid Records, Health Tests and personal information.
  2. As each step is completed, the form entry is automatically converted to a PDF and appended to the Applicant record and the Applicant is linked to the next form.
  3. Notifications are sent internally to ensure the correct person is made aware of the Applicants progress

To streamline the process for finding and hiring suitable Candidates Squirrel developed a custom web-based search engine that was accessible from the CRM. The functions of the page include the ability to select the hiring Company and apply up to 10 different filters to drill down to find the perfect Candidate. Each Candidate record has a live link, providing the ability to quickly jump to the record to confirm any additional information.

Candidate hiring process:

  1. All available Candidates are synced to the search engine in real time.
  2. Candidates are filtered based on relevant criteria including relevant skills, previous employment with the hiring Company and availability.
  3. Multiple candidates can be selected at one time to increase efficiency when hiring for the same role
  4. On Hiring, the selected candidates are automatically sent a Letter of Offer email with quick accept buttons, that sync their response back to their Candidate record.
  5.   On acceptance or decline of the offer, notification emails are sent to internal staff and the Hiring Client to confirm the placement.

To reduce the reliance on key staff to calculate and execute rates schedules for each Client,  Squirrel designed a custom rates calculator using a subform in the Company module of the CRM. Alton enters the applicable rates for the client, e.g. Super, Workcover and overtime loading, then adds the specific Award rates into the table. With the click of a button the standard and overtime rates are calculated, and a detailed rates schedule for each Award is collated and created as a PDF appended to the Company record.

The benefits

  • Reduction in data entry through integrated forms and search tools.
  • Improved efficiency in processing high volume of entries by automating processes such as notifications and linking of steps
  • Decreased workload for Alton team through the use of clear and easy to use webforms that allow for Candidates to self-complete information
  • Confidence that the pricing charged is consistent and correct by standardising the process

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By | Posted on 17 December 2021 | Recruitment & HR

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By | Posted on 17 December 2021 | Recruitment & HR