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  • Process Automation
  • System Integration

The Prosmile Design admin team were looking for a way to reduce the time spent on manually transferring Customer and Invoice data between their Seazona dental lab software and accounting software Xero. They also wanted to provide increased visibility of payments received against invoices in Xero back in Seazona.

Their bookkeepers suggested that they speak to a software integration specialist to connect the two systems in a way that would support their workflow and eliminate the need to re-enter data between the software. 

Prosmile Design

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Prosmile Design was established to support dental practitioners in integrating innovative digital technology to create a seamless approach to aesthetic rehabilitation. They create and manufacture facially driven ceramics for practitioners all over the world.

The brief

Rosie and her team were getting bogged down in the weekly administrative task of taking shipped orders that were invoiced from Seazona and re-creating them in Xero so they could be reconciled against the bank feed and monthly statements generated for clients.

In addition, new dental practitioners needed to be manually set up as Contacts in Xero before an Invoice could be raised for them. If a customer’s details changed they were having to update both Seazona and Xero to ensure the correct data was in both systems. Copy and pasting information is prone to human error so diligent cross checking was required. 

Rosie, co-owner of Prosmile Australia, explained they “have over 620 invoices per month that need to be copied into Xero.” With the team spending a minimum of 3 mins per invoice that was adding up to 31 hours of time being spent on a task that could be automated.

Put simply, they were wasting time on duplicate data entry that could be error prone.

The solution

  • Seazona
  • Xero

Whilst very experienced integrating with Xero, the Squirrel team had not worked with the Seazona API previously so we first spent time understanding what was possible to push / pull between systems. This includes:

  • Customer details including Company and Contact information 
  • Order information including Products and Services
  • Payment Received records could be created and linked to the Customer

A process map and simple user stories were written to explain what the integration needed to do and the flow of data. We discussed this with Rosie to ensure that we had captured their workflow correctly then developed the integration to connect Seazona and Xero.

Both systems had existing Customer records present, so the integration needed to run an existence check when raising new Invoices in Xero to ensure no duplicates were created. When changes are made to customer details in one system they are instantly reflected in the other.

There was no requirement to track Products between the systems so we created Invoices with service line items in Xero using the description of the Product from the Order in Seazona. For easy reference we also map across the Dentist’s name from the clinic who has requested the Order. 

When a payment is received in Xero and reconciled against the appropriate invoice, the integration creates a Payment in Seazona against the Customer record. 

The benefits

  • Eliminated duplicate data entry
  • Eliminated human errors
  • Eliminated data disparity between systems
  • Minimum of 30 hours per month saved by integration with Xero 
  • Payments are visible to the wider team without access to Xero

“Working with the team at Squirrel has been seamless and terrific. Any query I had was answered and small changes were actioned quickly. I now have data in both systems matching and human error eliminated.”

Rosie Scollo


Prosmile Design

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By | Posted on 5 November 2023 | Health & Medical Research

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By | Posted on 5 November 2023 | Health & Medical Research