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  • Project Management

Norfolk Blinds found themselves struggling to manage appointments for their estimators and installers. They faced challenges coordinating between Zoho Projects, where tasks were scheduled, and the individual calendars. Seeking to reduce scheduling effort and streamline calendar maintenance, they sought assistance from Squirrel Business Solutions for an integrated solution.

Norfolk Blinds Australia

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Norfolk Blinds Australia is a premier provider of custom window treatments, offering an extensive range of blinds, shutters, and awnings tailored to suit every style and budget. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, they specialise in transforming homes and businesses with innovative and stylish window solutions.

The brief

Norfolk Blinds sought a solution accessible to their Zoho Project Light users and a recommendation on a calendar, as they lacked a centralised system. It was key that details from the specific task in Zoho Projects, such as install address and job type, were included in the calendar event. Additionally, they wanted a super easy process for adding or removing linked calendars. They also needed the ability to add multiple people to calendar events based on assigned Task Owners. Managing task rescheduling was also a priority.

The solution

  • Zoho Projects

Norfolk Blinds opted for Zoho Calendar as the recommended solution, seamlessly integrated with Zoho Project Light. This free Zoho product ensured easy access for users using the same login details.

Linking project users and calendars became effortless, with users simply sharing their calendar with the main admin calendar.

Calendar events are generated by a simple checkbox in the project task, triggering a custom automation script in the background. This ensured inclusion of task details, such as install address and job type, along with links back to the project task.

Furthermore, any updates to the task’s date or start time are automatically reflected in the calendar event for each user, simplifying the task rescheduling process.

The benefits

Seamless Accessibility: By choosing Zoho Calendar, Norfolk Blinds ensured that their team could easily access the calendar system using the same login details as their Zoho Projects. This streamlined accessibility eliminated the need for separate logins and simplified the user experience.

Effortless Calendar Linking: With Zoho Calendar, linking project users and calendars became a breeze. Instead of navigating through complex procedures, users simply shared their calendar with the main admin calendar. This effortless process saved time and eliminated potential confusion.

Automated Event Creation: The integration enabled automated event creation directly from project tasks. By ticking a checkbox within the task, a custom script ran in the background, generating calendar events for all users assigned to the task. This automation significantly reduced manual effort and ensured accurate task tracking.

Detailed Task Integration: Norfolk Blinds benefited from detailed task integration within calendar events. Essential task details such as install address and job type were seamlessly included in each calendar entry, along with convenient links back to the corresponding task in Zoho Projects. This ensures key information is available and reduces the risk of mis-keyed information.

Real-time Updates: Any updates made to task details, such as changes in date or start time, were automatically reflected in the calendar events for each user. This real-time synchronisation ensured that everyone stayed informed and up-to-date, minimising the risk of miscommunication and scheduling conflicts.

By leveraging the power of integrated Zoho products, Norfolk Blinds achieved enhanced efficiency, improved collaboration, and streamlined operations. This success story underscores the immense value of choosing an integrated solution tailored to meet the specific needs of a growing business.

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