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  • Digital Forms
  • Process Automation
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • System Integration

Squirrel Business Solutions were engaged to overhaul the suite of applications used by HR Gurus to run their business with the goal of reducing costs, repetitive and time consuming data entry and developing bespoke reports.

HR Gurus Logo

HR Gurus is not your normal HR consulting company. Started by Emily in 2010 set out to build an HR business that was accessible for like minded small / medium businesses. They offer outsourced HR services and advice, with options to pre-purchase consulting hours or a retainer plan to meet your requirements.  With a focus on simplicity, in addition to their consulting services they have developed a range of books, reports and webinars to assist businesses.

The brief

HR Gurus were looking for: 

  1. An integrated solution for managing Client consulting hours and invoicing
  2. A custom HR audit report with a free and paid version for individuals and teams
  3. An easy to use platform for promoting and running webinars

The solution

  • Pandadocs
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Zoho Campaigns
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Flow
  • Zoho Forms
  • Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho One was the obvious choice for HR Gurus and Squirrel set to work customising the CRM and Projects. We chose to build a custom integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects to supplement the native integration. Using a key field within the Opportunity and a stage update as the trigger, the team could easily create a new linked Project. A set of rules within the automation ensured the correct Project template was used and instantly updated with budget hours, users and job details. 

The magic happens at the end of the month. Users can click a button within the Opportunity to return hours logged on the project. Logged hours are summed by consultant and updated against available support hours, retainer or ad-hoc. Monthly billing is now a breeze! 

For each Client a monthly timesheet report is generated in Zoho Analytics. Using a custom function to generate a unique link, one report can be used for all Clients as results are filtered to just show their hours. This reduces the need to create and maintain a report for each Customer as the filter settings are hidden in the background. The custom automation between Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects is saving the team hours per month in data entry and cross checking timesheet entries against available hours. 

HR Gurus Timesheet

Emily’s dream from the very first meeting with Squirrel was to design and build her own HR Audit Report that met her needs for style and content. She came to us with the challenge to build a solution that was easy to use, cost effective and was on brand.

Using Zoho Forms, we built a simple quiz that anyone interested in learning about the HR health of their business could complete.

HR Audit Report

On submission of the form, it generates on screen a spider graph and summary.  The results from the quiz create a Lead record in the CRM and a beautifully styled Zoho Writer document is generated and emailed to the recipient. With the initial report completed the user is offered an upgrade option to the full report. The full report includes the option to invite up to 10 team members to complete the same report. Payment is taken at the time via the Zoho Form, immediately opening up the ability to submit the names of co-workers to complete the form.  

Records in the CRM are generated and linked together, invites sent to requested recipients with links to access the form. On submission of each form the results are calculated to provide average scores against each area of assessment. System generated reminders are sent to invitees, and to the initial requester, to ensure the timely completion of the quiz.

Using Zoho Writer we were able to design a report with conditional formatting to show heatmap style results and spider graphs that mapped the overall scores. Why not see it for yourself and stress test your business HR.

Lastly, the team were keen to have a platform where they could quickly create and launch online events with options for paid or free tickets. After reviewing and testing Zoho Backstage we determined that the system was not a great fit for business requirements due to limitations and the cost. Squirrel was able to deliver a solution using Zoho Forms and a custom integration to the CRM. Signup was via a landing page where multiple tickets could be purchased and registration details added. Each registered person creates a separate record in the CRM for tracking and reminders. Our custom solution allowed for bespoke email templates to be used for confirmation, online event access links and scheduled reminders. 

The results

Zoho CRM centre of operations for:
   – Oversight of Project Hours burndown
   – Invoicing creation and automation to Xero

Zoho Projects used for
   – Job Management & Time recording

Zoho Analytics connects data from Zoho application and Xero
   – Business reporting and dashboards
   – Custom Timesheet reporting

Zoho Forms provides a native connection to the CRM to reduce manual activity for
   – Data collection and CRM record creation and updation

Zoho Writer seamlessly integrates with Forms and CRM to produce
   – Custom merge documents and PDFs

The benefits

Zoho One has delivered an integrated solution that is delivering process automation and efficiency across the business.

  • Reduced costs by utilising applications within the Zoho ecosystem
  • Time saved can be better spent looking after Customers
  • Reports are accurate, consistent and immediate
  • HR Gurus can make minor changes without requiring a developer

Kylie and her team have been outstanding in terms of service, know-how and creatively thinking of ways to automate my HR Consulting business. Before we signed up with them and Zoho we used about 6 different operating systems and none of them spoke to each other. There was so much double handling of information and crappy processes that were long winded and cost me time and money. Now we are using Zoho we have automated our lead generation process, our proposal creation process, onboarding of clients, client satisfaction surveys, invoicing, timekeeping…I could go on and on. Catherine has also been instrumental in working with us and she is an absolute gun, so easy to work with, extremely clever and knowledgeable and I could not be happier with our results or the service. Highly recommend both Zoho and Squirrel Business Solutions.

Emily Jaksch

Founder & Director

HR Gurus

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