Zoho CRM & Analytics unlocks key business insights

By | Posted on 13 October 2021 | Banking & Financial

CaseWare wished to monitor their business performance by developing a core set of management reports, whose accuracy could be relied upon, to provide key business insights. The team were making use of a number of reports spread across Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics, however there were inconsistencies across the data sets which needed to be investigated and resolved in order to achieve data integrity. Squirrel Business Solutions reviewed and updated the CRM data set, and worked with the team to improve the way data was entered into the CRM, in order to achieve data integrity.

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Do you know what your customers really think?

By | Posted on 3 September 2021 | Automotive, Manufacturing & Retail

Squirrel Business Solutions was engaged to create a seamless post-service survey experience for Comfortel’s customers that was linked to the Service record in the CRM and would provide them valuable insights about their servicing team, known as technicians.

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Quoting Tool optimises a uniquely digital sales process

By | Posted on 19 August 2021 | Trades & Services

As a new and uniquely digital enterprise, TexSquare required a CRM which would completely support a complex sales process, connecting a plethora of textiles suppliers and products with a global list of buyers. Squirrel Business Solutions established Zoho CRM with the addition of a specially designed automated quoting tool which enables optimal sales accuracy, efficiency and responsiveness.

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Zoho CRM and Payment Forecast Tool optimises sales and project pipeline

By | Posted on 28 July 2021 | Architecture, Building & Construction

Agero needed to implement a CRM which would enable them to easily manage their sales process and streamline project pipelines. They also desired an effortless process for forecasting and tracking incoming payments, both for individual projects and across the entire business. Squirrel Business Solutions implemented a CRM for the management of specific projects, and designed a Payment Forecast widget which incorporated automation to easily calculate and monitor payments.

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Zoho CRM automates new enquiries process to nurture all leads

By | Posted on 14 July 2021 | Print & Creative

The team at Karolina York wished to automate their lead management to ensure new enquiries were attended to in a timely manner. Squirrel was engaged to design a CRM which would function to nurture these new leads from a variety of sources and across a variety of categories, incorporating automated emails, tasks and webforms

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Zoho CRM integrates project management with reliable analytics

By | Posted on 14 July 2021 | Consulting & Strategy,Environment & Conservation

Global CCS Institute was looking to implement a user-friendly and straightforward project management CRM. Their project management program at the time was not being utilised efficiently and not achieving the possible advantages system integration can bring. Squirrel optimised the overarching CRM Global CCS Institute already operated by incorporating more specific project management and analytical software which could operate in tandem.

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Quoting tool within Zoho CRM streamlines sales process

By | Posted on 14 July 2021 | Automotive, Manufacturing & Retail

S2K Identity Systems wished to improve the efficiency and integration of their sales process, from quoting to invoicing. They wanted to move away from the outdated CRM they were using, which was resulting in order mistakes and a misspending of time and resources. Squirrel established a single CRM incorporating a user-friendly, bespoke quoting tool which utilised automation in order to reduce manual errors and ensure accuracy and ease throughout the entire sales process.

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Zoho CRM used to optimise a franchisee recruitment and nurture system

By | Posted on 14 June 2021 | Automotive, Manufacturing & Retail,Recruitment & HR

Hydraulink wished to develop their company through the recruitment of Franchise operators for their retail stores and mobile service vehicles. Squirrel Business Solutions designed and implemented a streamlined CRM for the management of Franchisee procurement, encompassing the process from an initial franchisee lead to the onboarding and launch of approved franchisee candidates.

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Zoho Analytics delivers key project insights

By | Posted on 9 March 2021 | Consulting & Strategy

Squirrel Business Solutions routinely manages in excess of 100 different client projects. Their project management system was sufficient for task management, but lacked the desired, detailed analysis into time and resource allocation across all projects. Given the volume of projects to oversee, it was critical to make project tracking intuitive and focused. The solution was enhancing the data flow between CRM Deals and Zoho Projects and then integrating both systems with Zoho Analytics to build specific reports and project dashboards.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk integration with Zoho CRM

By | Posted on 27 February 2021 | Automotive, Manufacturing & Retail

Squirrel Business Solutions is working  with National Car Buyers to design and build their CRM. With a high volume of interactions and transactions taking place, there is a real focus on process automation and removing repetitive administrative tasks from the team’s workload

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Schematic drawing tool for Zoho CRM

By | Posted on 10 February 2021 | Automotive, Manufacturing & Retail

Squirrel Business Solutions developed and implemented an inbuilt drawing tool, displayed within a widget for SteelChief to create schematic drawings whilst remaining in the CRM. Drawings are used to produce quotations and manufacturing specification documents

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Boost revenue opportunities with GP margin check and quote blocker

By | Posted on 1 February 2021 | Automotive, Manufacturing & Retail

Squirrel Business Solutions partnered with the client to deliver a Zoho One solution that included a complex integration from the CRM to MYOB EXO and their website. The integration allows a unified view of data between the three systems and different teams access to relevant information to allow them to successfully service their customers. As part of enhancing the features of the system, Squirrel developed a CRM tool to ensure the accurate pricing of quotes sent from the system.

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Tailored CRM system for a Managed Print customer

By | Posted on 22 January 2021 | Education,Training & Coaching

Squirrel Business Solutions was recommended as a trusted Zoho CRM implementation partner. In addition to the usual lead, customers and sales pipeline management, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system needed to be tailored to manage contracts, devices and meter reads. As a fast growing organisation, Channel IP needed to choose a CRM solution which was flexible enough to meet their current and future requirements

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Zoho One delivers an integrated solution for manufacturing organisation

By | Posted on 16 January 2021 |

Squirrel Business Solutions supported Embleton to implement Zoho CRM and Analytics in order to better manage ongoing sales performance, automation and access to real time data across the team.  A custom integration with their ERP system Ausvantage was developed to sync Accounts and Contacts data and feed Sales Orders and Products through to CRM. Included in the project was Zoho Campaigns and SMS automation for marketing, along with an integrated warranty form to streamline this part of their process.

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Zoho Campaigns autoresponders help accounting firm keep in touch with partners

By | Posted on 11 October 2020 | Banking & Financial

Squirrel Business Solutions supported BNR Partners in upgrading their CRM in order to better manage ongoing engagement with their referral partners and track their leads. They also implemented a series of automated emails to facilitate regular communication with their referral partners

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Zoho CRM and MailChimp integration support stakeholder relationships, target marketing and reporting

By | Posted on 17 January 2020 |

Squirrel implemented Zoho CRM and integrated it with MailChimp. This created a central database for storing stakeholder information and recording communications. It also enabled the agency to manage relationships with stakeholders, target their marketing and improve their reporting.

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Zoho Recruit-DocuSign integration and automation reduce recruitment process from six weeks to two weeks

By | Posted on 19 November 2019 | Recruitment & HR

Squirrel Business Solutions implemented Zoho CRM and Recruit for the agency, supporting them in moving from a cumbersome manual recruitment process to a streamlined, automated process and secure, digitally signed contracts.|  

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Zoho CRM enables dispersed team to centralise data and calculate revenue splits

By | Posted on 13 December 2019 | Education, Training & Coaching

Squirrel Business Solutions supported Steople in moving from an outdated database to a cloud-based system that gave them centralised data accessible to their dispersed team, automated processes, including revenue splits, and detailed reporting.

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